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Here are some links for our workshop. Do we need to make a separate page for the workshop?

there are TONS of links about this. i was thinking this one example could be a catalyst for small group discussion in our conference, about who should be in charge of deciding what students learn.

Then, Ali I believe you had an idea about how to lead the workshop as far as: ways to include standards in your everyday teaching?
I think perhaps we should discuss some more exactly which way we want our workshop to go.


So, a ~1 minute claymation on textbook selection...are we still thinking that a joke about Texas is the way to go? -Ali
hey guys, added lots of ideas, don't have to use any of them, perhaps ideas to simplify?!!?
thx jess!

intro (words/questions) re:
how states pick what to include
as standards/what to teach
brief pictures about false
"factual" information once taught
(eg world is flat, etc)?
whose job is it to determine
what to put in textbooks?
what knowledge is worth teaching?
who does decide?
what role do special interests
Clay map/shape of texas
Population of Texas
means publishers cater
to them
who is to say texans are right or wrong?
don't mess with texas
texas jokes
eg of course creationism is
the only thing to teach
more texas jokes
thomas jefferson?
who's that?
more texas jokes
A Joke About
Texas somewhere
in here?
contrast with other beliefs?
just go to extremes to make the point....
try to show how one perspective
is just one perspective, yet we have to teach "facts"
gets to the heart of what is "worth" teaching/
what is knowledge
What is fallout of Texas decision for rest of us?
picture of texans invading US or texas spreading to take over US?!!
A comment about how
national standardized
education could be a positive change, but do we want Texas to be the model?!
Some of the recent
issues with Texas
textbook changes
End Claymation Here

I think that we have a good backbone here...should be fun on Monday. See ya then! -Ali