Religious Wear
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Here's some background info. for us:


BOTTOM LINE: Do we allow teachers to wear religious clothing or symbols because each human being has a right to express themselves freely or do we see this issue leading to proselytizing?
Legal History:
1923 Oregon Legislature enacted a ban on religious garb in the classroom
1965 Law was revised in 1965 to clarify the meaning.
1983 First challenge by a Eugene middle school teacher whose religion of Sikhism required her to wear a turban and various adornments.
1986 Supreme Court rejected the teacher’s appeal stating that:
“…the law did not violate her religious rights and it actually helped to preserve religious neutrality for students.”
2009 Oregon legislature passed the ‘Oregon Workplace Religious Freedom Act’, which included all public workers except for classroom teachers in public schools.

Proponents of the ban feel the religious attire can influence students and convey a possible endorsement by that district.

Opponents feel the law is discriminatory and antiquated and that religious wear is simly an expression of identity.

Mark Toledo, the general counsel for the OEA states:
“So, there is tension between the freedom of expression and the abuse of that right.”
“This is just not a problem, if a teacher does become overt or proselytizing there are ways that we can address that without infringing on people.” ~Article 1 Section 8 of the Oregon Constitution.

Referenced from:
‘Ban on Religious Garb for Oregon Teachers Gets Pulled out of the Closet for a Fresh Debate’, Today’s OEA, February 2010, article by Jon Bell,

We could create a survey monkey form to have the teachers fill out, polling our own group of teachers?
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1. Agree or Disagree: It is appropriate for public school teachers to wear religious symbols jewelry.
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