Announcement for Sunday May 16th. Blackboard has been down all day, so I thought I'd post some announcements here just in case someone checks it out.

Three announcements:
1. Our next class meetings will be held May 24th, at 4:30.
2. I’ve posted the workshop example (your final exam project) in the ED 567 wiki. Go to:
Note that it has three main parts that you should include in your group’s workshop. I would plan for 90-120 minute workshop for other teachers
Three Parts are:
A. An agenda
B. A section that contains the details- i.e what your content is, what you would say, notes etc. Think of this like an “input” section of a lesson plan.
C. Resource links- which would include handouts and weblinks.
3. I’ll be posting the last of our readings later today. Look in the Assignment Folder of Blackboard (When it becomes available).

Hmmm...What Kind of Teacher Leaders Will They Be?

Later you may want an audio file here's an example...

Hi Superstars of ED 567.
I've created a starting page for each group. BUT, to start editing it you have to request permission. Click on Join this Wiki. I'll accept your request and then you can edit your page. Blackboard is currently available for the Week 1 Readings. The Week 2 folder is for the Claymation project. Read the claymation article to get an idea of the process we will use. Note the templates in the folder. Those are just for planning purposes by creating a storyboard. You'll notice when you click on the edit tab in the upper right corner, the Editor bar will have a table option. I suggest that in addition to the back and forth suggestions of your group members, that you insert a table- maybe 5 cells wide (columns) and 5-10 cells deep(rows). Then type in your ideas in text- or insert small images. The example below shows the scenes of the life cycle of a pumpkin. You don't need drawings or images on your wiki page, but the text ideas will help get your group on the same page.

Locate your group's page in the navigation sidebar.
One thing you must do is make a request to join this wiki.